A Schedule Change That Makes Sense

The world of college football on television has come a long way. Do many of you remember in the 60’s and 70’s when the NCAA controlled the television package and most teams couldn’t be televised more than twice a year? For that reason, many late season games that decided conference championships never aired.Similarly, for years, ABC was limited in switching from game to game. I remember an Ohio State-Minnesota game in 1978 when the Buckeyes had a 30-0 half time lead led by quarterback Art Schlichter. OSU went on to win 47-0 but ABC didn’t have another game to switch to.How times have changed. The Federal Court ruling in the early 80’s overturned the NCAA’s control and, for years, there’s been a plethora of games televised each weekend. It even extends to weekday nights. And, traditionally, at the end of the season, has been a staple for 40 years–the Army-Navy game.But ratings for the game have dropped dramatically over the years due to competition from so many networks, syndicators and cable companies.Additionally, over the last few seasons, the Army-Navy game has been played on the same weekend of the college conference championship games.CBS then decided to move the game a week later and it will now be played on the second weekend in December (rather than the first weekend). This year the game is on Saturday, December 12th and it will be unopposed from other major college contests ending the regular season.. It’s a fitting tribute to football fans and our military forces everywhere.It’s a schedule change that makes sense.