A Tribute to a Young Coach

Frank DiCocco was a frequent contributor to both American Football Monthly and Gridiron Strategies. He primarily wrote about defense, and, more specifically, the 4-2-5 defense. Both a high school and college coach, Frank tragically passed away last spring at 29 after nearly a decade of helping young athletes.


Frank graduated from Avon Old Farms School in Connecticut and then received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College in 2006. While at BC, Frank began his coaching career at the Fessenden School in West Newton. He also coached at Godby High School in Tallahassee, Cambridge Ridge and Latin High School (MA), Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens (FL), South Point High School (SC), Paul VI Catholic High School (VA) and at his alma mater, Avon Old Farms. On the college level, he coached at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Before his death, Frank was hired to be the head coach at Westminster Catawba Christian High School in Rock Hill, SC. But in addition to his coaching career, Frank was a prolific author, having written several books on the subject of positive youth development. Among them is “Playbook for Manhood: A Game Plan for Being a Real Man. ” In 2009 he founded REAL Man Inc., a not-for-profit initiative to provide young men, and anyone in a position to influence them, with the resources to help them develop in a positive way.


Two years later, Frank created the Real Man Program, a curriculum centered on his book and also designed to positively influence young athletes. He also founded the HOPE Foundation for a Better Tomorrow (Helping Other People Excel), a 501c non-profit organization based on his Real Man ideas. The philosophy of the Foundation is to help underprivileged student-athletes demonstrate character, vision, enthusiastic ambition and a commitment to complete excellence – both academically and athletically – and a strong desire to become both personally and professionally successful.


Since Frank’s passing last April, the foundation has been carried out by his family to help keep his legacy alive. To continue with that vision, visit www.HopeFoundation.us.