Change Overtime….Please!

I experienced watching both a college overtime game and an NFL overtime contest over the last month. One was an enjoyable experience as my college team won. The other was a disaster as my NFL team lost.The college rule lets both teams have a shot at winning; the NFL rules do not. My NFL team came back in the fourth quarter with two touchdowns and sent the game into overtime. They then lost the coin flip and the rest is history. They never saw the ball as their opponent marched down the field and kicked a 35-yard field goal. The range of my emotions went 180 degrees from euphoria as the game went into overtime and then disappointment when the winning field goal was made.The NFL has to change the overtime rule. Period. Both teams need a chance to win the game. One writer suggested keeping the same basic overtime rules but that a touchdown (rather than a field goal) must be scored. In this scenario field goals are not allowed. Can you imagine the strategy used on those fourth and two situations? It will also make for a more exciting finish.You can debate the pros and cons of the college overtime rules but it works. Both teams have an equal opportunity to win the game and they play until there is a winner. The NFL doesn’t even do that. A game is counted as a tie if the 15-minute overtime period is scoreless. Someone said that’s like kissing your sister.