Monthly Q&A with Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz



Once a month, legendary football coach Lou Holtz will respond to your questions. This month the question is from Bob Korenic, an assistant coach at Lowellville High School in Ohio.


“I’ve been an assistant coach at a small school that has struggled over the last several years. Would you recommend that we install an option offense – inside veer, outside veer, and midline – and what style do you feel would be easiest to install – I formation, split back veer, wishbone, or spread option? Also, what aspects of the triple option offense should be the cornerstone of the offensive installation?”

-Bob Korenic, Assistant Coach, Lowellville High School (OH) and

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Civil and Constructive Engineering Technology, Youngstown State University.

Coach Holtz’ response:

“I would personally run the spread and trap option. This would include the front side and the back side. There are so many different opportunities with the option, especially out of the two-back backfield. So many teams don’t run the trap off of this offense and, if run correctly, it’s very difficult to stop. The most important parts of any installation are keeping it as simple as possible and the comfort level of your quarterback.”