We really liked how the Baylor coaching staff got RGIII involved in movement passes while he was there and so we call our movement series “Baylor.” There are a variety of ways to get the ball to athletes in this series of plays. All of these concepts have their own hand signals in the no-Huddle structure that we utilize. These plays are all designed to give the offense ways to get the ball to skilled players in space while maximizing both the play-action fakes and athleticism of the QB that are critical traits in any spread offense.


Diagram #1 shows the offense faking the inside zone from the Pistol and then “dribbling” the H back into the flat. This is really just a waggle concept that comes off of an inside zone fake.

Diagram #2 is the exact same concept except it has been dressed up with a “yo-yo” motion by the H back.

Diagram #3 is a shallow cross concept from the H back with a dig route over the top to complete a high to low read on the linebackers.

Diagram #4 is a drive concept with a back side mesh tag. Diagram #5 is the same concept from a different formation structure.

Diagrams #6 and #7 show ways to get the QB onto the edge of the defense. Diagram #6 shows this being done off of a traditional naked structure while Diagram #7 shows it being done with bootleg action.