The Philosophy of the Air Raid Offense

The basic philosophy of the Air Raid Offense when it was created was to “throw the ball short to people who can score.” The offense has always prided itself on being a pass first system of offense that develops a simple run game to complement an aerial assault. Many Air Raid teams will earn a reputation for being a pass happy football team even though the truth is that they may run the ball up to 50% of the time.

This reputation is earned because most Air Raid teams spend a great deal of their practice time throwing the ball and have inflicted a great deal of damage on opposing defenses with it. That statement reflects the most basic premise of why many teams employ the Air Raid Offense, the ability to strike quickly. Many Air Raid teams, especially those at the high school level but even in the college ranks, are not able to line up play after play and attack the quality defenses they see week in and week out in a traditional pro set and hope to be successful.

Therefore it has become necessary to employ a system where the offense can attack vulnerabilities in the defense without having to be athletically superior. Most teams have at least a few good athletes that can win one-on-one matchups. In the Air Raid Offense these athletes are often placed at receiver and the system directs the ball to these athletes quickly. Quarterbacks are taught to read the field quickly and get the ball to these athletes before the defense can react.

This philosophy ensures that the protection does not have to hold up long nor does the offense have to expect to block many defenders. The system is predicated on getting the ball to people that can score quickly and letting them make moves with the ball in their hands to create plays and advance the ball down the field.

Coach Rich Hargitt

Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach

U.S. History Teacher

Nation Ford High School

1400 A.O. Jones Boulevard

Fort Mill, South Carolina