The Ultimate Guide to (Almost every) Offensive Football Formation!




The Ultimate Guide to (Almost every) Offensive Football Formation!   

Ultimate Guide Series #1 


By:  Andrew C. Brown 


Copyright: 2017 Andrew C. Brown 


No part of this book in whole or part may be reproduced without expressed written consent by the author. 

This book is dedicated to my wife Melissa, who has always been supportive of my dreams.  I love you! 


 Thank you for purchasing The Ultimate Guide to (Almost Every) Offensive Football Formation! 


Over the years as a coach and student of the game of football, I have learned about many formations, systems, and schemes on offense, defense, and special teams.  What has brought me to writing and publishing this book is that there are no books dedicated to just formations.  It should be noted that there may be strange or unique formations not listed here.  However I have done my best to have every common and most uncommon formations included.   


I also kept names of the formations short as possible.  Please have fun as you use them but make sure your players learn them very well. 


Besides Offensive Formations, the Ultimate Defensive and Special Teams books will be coming out soon as well.   


Finally a huge thank you to Coach Rodger Schenks for without his help and input this book would not be possible.   



 Key for Personnel in this Book! 




Formations/Motions of the I-Set/Scheme.