21Ways to Improve Your Offense Part II

Ways to Improve Your
Part B=11-21

by Dave Bosko, Quarterbacks Coach
Springfield High School (OH)

From my experience, here are ways to improve your offense
(continued from 11.5.19)

#11 Play some substitutes in the 1st and 2nd quarter when the issue is still undecided.
Continuously build your program by playing your “scout” or JV stars early in the game.It rewards their weekly effort at practice and reinforces the team first/program first attitude. It also builds confidence and trust the kids have in you. It creates more teachable moments, and helps kids build confidence in themselves.Done correctly, you can give a starter a quick breather, and give a young guy a shot.
#12 Find program “helpers” for technology and information, and USE it!
In 2013 IPads were allowed on the sideline. But less than 20% (approximately) are using them. The National High School Federation NFHS said (paraphrasing) “there was no way to police it, so we allowed it.”We will use it at practice, in the booth and on the sideline.There are non-football teachers and students who may want to be involved. Get them involved and helping you with technology!
#13Invent ways to make everything at practice an exercise in competition.
“It’s not the X’s and O’s…Jimmies and Joes…”Jimmies and Joes take you so far, their desire to compete together takes you farther.Teach your Jimmy’s and Joe’s it’s great to compete, lead and dominate in practice and in games. This could be In conditioning…1st and 10…Classroom…fundraising, everything!Create a “competition period.” Have a special name for it. Raise the level of intensity!
#14 Teach your offense that the receivers are always LIVE.
Uncovered receiver? See it and Zip it! Use shifts and motions to uncover a receiver, or to gain a favorable matchup, and exploit it. Run a route each time and then transition into a run block, every time.This teaches receivers to look in at QB, and stay focused and teaches QBs to check the defense for openings. You can capitalize on any mistake the defense makes and reinforces an aggressive offense.
#15Develop and use multiple methods for calling plays.
You can use signs, numbers, calls/words, pictures, or any combination thereof. We will be using this multiple system this year. Let kids pick ’em!
#16 Make every ROUTE, RB takeoff, MOTION and RB path PERFECT.
Poorly run routes and motions look bad, and tip off what you’re doing. Eliminate them.Make your WR coach responsible for these things from the very first practice. This takes time at first, but you need to get the kids to understand the importance of full speed and perfect routes.Break it down step-by-step if you have to and remember,you don’t have to be a super athlete to run full speed or run a perfect route.

#17 Never add things in after Tuesday of game week.You’re supposed to get your plan together on the weekend. You can throw stuff out as you need to. Install it and work on it on Monday (lots of mistakes- that’s ok- don’t stop, don’t slow down).Make alterations and work it HARD on Tuesday.On Wednesday execute it in every scenario possible and decide what works best in certain situations for you. On Thursday work it CRISP (no contact). Don’t walk through here. Perfect it against AIR.Waste NO TIME at practice. Not a SINGLE MINUTE.
#18 Practice Red Zone offense MORE than anything else.
How many times have you seen offenses run plays in practice from their 20 or 30 yard line for 30 minutes, and red zone for 5 minutes only once or twice a week?Ever see a team do great between the 20’s, but then stall just short of the goal line?Where do most teams fail? Where is pressure the greatest? Where are you closest to getting points? Where are most games won or lost? —-INSIDE the RED ZONE!Sub a lot during practice and compete!Want to see kids work hard? Put them on the goal line.

#19 HC’s and OC’s Check your ego – listen to your assistants.
Let’s face it, HC’s and OC’s worked hard to get where they are. But if you’re not getting better, you are falling behind.AC’s – Embrace your position, whatever it is. Be selfless. Give your HC and OC everything you have.HC’s and OC’s – You need your assistants to know they have a say. Give it to them. Let them make a choice and own it.OC’s – Be accountable and be responsible for what happens.Don’t blame the kids for your lack of preparing them.

#20 Create RPO’s off your best run plays.
The explosion of RPO football is a natural evolution of the game. There are plays we all run that we rely on, and that are unique to our programs. What are your best runs and how can you get your receivers involved?RPO’s are great for your “Bingo” plays mentioned earlier in the article.Ask your kids what they are most comfortable running? Chances are they have already found a good RPO!

#21 Remember it’s about the “why”.
Why we coach football.Why we play the game.Why over 1,000,000 kids played high school football last year.Why Fridays and Saturdays in the fall are the biggest days in our state!Kids are natural BS detectors. They know if you’re sincere. Take care of your kids’ physical, mental and emotional health.Why you do it will always be more important than what you do or how you do it.With the challenges the sport faces today, this may be the most important point to remember.

About the Author:Dave Bosco is in his 18th year as a varsity football coach and is currently the Quarterbacks Coach for the Springfield Spartans of the Portage Trail Conference Metro Division. In his career, Bosco has worked with ten different head coaches and eight different offensive coordinators in my career.