Catching Up – A Great Time of Year and Being Thankful for the People That God Brings Into Your Life.

Not surprisingly, it has been several days since I posted this blog. We have our first Sunday staff meeting after church today and I will work this in before our family goes to church.

We had our first scrimmage at Mercer County vs. Louisville Waggener, coached by Jordan Johnson, who was a freshman defensive lineman my first season at Mason County in 1996. Jordan had his guys ready and is doing a great job. He also took them on their college weekend trip. He goes above and beyond to help his kids. I could not have been more proud of him the night we scrimmaged.



Another former Royal, Scott Stamm, made the trip to Harrodsburg with his family. Scott and his wife Sarah run the little league at Mason County. He was a sophomore my first season as a Royal, so he and Bulldog are teammates. What a great reunion!




Yesterday I moved my son, John Combs Buchanan, into Centre College. He will be helping with video and I appreciate Coach Andy Frye allowing him to be part of the team. It has been tough since he played his last snap of football in October of 2014, but I am incredibly proud of how he handled the entire situation. As I mentioned in an earlier column, when you coach your son, he becomes your right arm because you are always together. It will be a tough adjustment for me and he will do great! But, I am thankful for the great time we had when he was growing up. We have many more great days ahead of us, and I know God has much bigger plans for my son than hanging out with me the rest of his life. And, to be honest, ever since his friend Caroline came into the picture, his time with dad has decreased dramatically! 🙂




Caroline, JCB, & Emma.
Caroline, JCB, & Emma.


Finally, happy birthday to the first and the real “Coach Buchanan”, John Buchanan, my dad. One of my dad’s former players, Mark Huffman, is on my new staff at Mercer. I enjoy hearing the old stories. I am very proud of my dad. He was the first head coach at Mercer County to have a winning season, and he did that twice. That was pre-merger!


This is of my dad in his first football uniform and picture, on the first football team at London HS, in London, KY in 1958.




This is of my dad and Robert Allen Yankey on the sideline at Centre College, where my son will go to college. It was 1969 and they were defeating the Danville Admirals, 8-6. The two guys in this picture have inspired, motivated me, and been a role model for me my entire life. Everyday, I want to be the man that Robert Allen would have been, and that my Dad is daily.

Good luck as the 2015 season gets going. Put the kids first – this is THEIR time!!

Colossians 3:23