Inside Veer – How Adding a TE Gives You an Advantage on the Defense (Part I)




Inside Veer – How Adding a TE Gives You an Advantage on the Defense (Part I)

By Payton Haynes, Offensive Coordinator, Luther College

Inside veer will allow you to always have a numbers advantage on the defense no matter what defense you see in a given week by not having to block two defenders playside. Adding a TE to a formation can really allow you to put a defense at a disadvantage throughout a game. In the diagrams below I will show you how adding a TE to the playside or backside of the play can help you perform better on game day.

4-3 Defense – Adding TE to the backside

Without a TE attached the defense will be able to stay balanced and force you into what direction they want you to run the play by switching their “A Gap” and “B Gap” defenders. Traditionally you will run inside veer to the “A Gap” defender, which will constantly have your QB make a check to that defender. This can slow down your offense and make your players have to think.

Diagram 1

When you add a TE to the backside of your formation it will force the defense to predetermine which side they will be putting their “A Gap” and “B Gap” defenders. This will allow the offense to run the play in the direction that they chose and not make the defense choose for them. This can play a huge advantage for your offense if you want to run to the field or boundary or get the ball in a certain player’s hands.

Diagram 2

To be continued, part II will be posted tomorrow