Money Play

By Coach Sobolewski

Here’s a sample play we run that is tough to defend but super easy to teach.  I signal this in with a money sign or I’ll simply call money and the team knows exactly what to do. 

4 Options on the play:


·         QB looks at X first to determine coverage and CB depth – Simple choice route where if there is more than a 5 yard cushion we hitch it up, vs press you go vertical

·         If X isn’t there (we want the hitch) QB will look to 3 WR side and see if we have numbers there (We’ll run bubble or quick screens based on coverage and game planning)

·         If defense covers up both pass options we’ll just run read option with counter trey blocking – Down block, guard kicks out, tackle leads – QB reads backside DE for the give or pull

We can run this play at any time and have had instances where we are going so fast we just keep running it to keep the D on it’s heels.  We’ll find the mismatch and take advantage…This is just a sample of our offense, keep it simple for us while making it look complicated to the D.  Had a freshman QB throw 8 TD’s in 4 games just hitting the hitch vs soft coverage and ultimately going deep when they bite up.