Showing Triple…Running Double

Not every coach wants to run a true triple option offense for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the perception that truly mastering the triple play is time consuming and very difficult. While this is certainly not true, one alternative that I tell coaches who want to run some option but do not want to run the true triple play, is to run the Double Option while making it “look” like the triple option.

To do this, your offense MUST first master running the B-Back Zone Dive Play (which is basically the first link in the triple play). Once your team is able to use that B-back to run over some defenders and gain some valuable yardage, it is time to run Double Option with the triple look (see diagram). Tell your QB to flash fake to the diving B-back and then read that OLB for the Keep/Pitch with the trailing A-back. Your O-Line blocks the play using zone rules on the play side of the offensive line while the backside linemen do a scoop block. Tell your B-back to thoroughly sell the fake dive play as this should bring the interior D-Line to the inside. Meanwhile, two of your best athletes are attacking the perimeter NOW. Great play!
Double Option