The Triple Option B-Back

The B-Back is the heart and soul of any triple option offense.  Sometimes called a “fullback”, the B-Back must above all be a tough runner, not afraid of contact.  Whether or not he ends up getting the ball during the first phase of the option, he most likely will be hit on every play so he must be willing to continue to grind it out and take the punishment.  He must never be taken down by an arm tackle or else it is time to find a new B-Back.  He should consider himself a bulldozer and be ready to plow over any oncoming tacklers.  He must also be capable of finding his “read” (Action Key Defender) prior to the snap in order to get the most out of each rushing attempt.

At times, the B-Back may rush the ball up to 25 times a game so his endurance must be impeccable.  When he does not get the ball, he must either be the decoy and be tackled by the Dive Key Defender or must become an unselfish, devastating blocker downfield.

So, as you can see, the B-Back position is a very diverse and multidimensional position in the triple option offense.  Only the most physical, smart and dedicated players need apply!