Bubble Screen in the Air Raid Offense

The Ducks Screens have evolved into a major part of the air raid Offense. These plays are almost more of a quick passing package than they are screens but because there is blocking down the field, almost exclusively by skilled players, they are still categorized as screens.

The first play in the Ducks Package is the Ducks 1 or bubble screen. This play is a basic concept in the air raid offense designed to attack teams that do not cover down all the eligible receivers that are lined up away from the offensive linemen. The goal is to throw the ball quickly to a player that has above average speed and simply allow him to make plays with the ball in his hands in space with blockers in front. The offensive line simply zones towards the call. The outside receiver blocks the #1 defender from the sideline and the next receiver inside, if there is one, will block the #2 defender. This play is only thrown if either the #2 or #3 receiver is uncovered or is being leveraged from a distance by a defender.

At Nation Ford High School, the traditional bubble route path has been dropped because of the amount of repetitions required to perfect this skills set. Instead, the receiver is coached to simply backpedal away from the quarterback with his chest pointing back at the ball. The quarterback is then able to make a simple chest-to-chest pass that has a much higher probability of success. In 2012, Nation Ford High School quarterbacks hit the receiver with the ball 100% of the time. Not all of these plays were catches but over 95% were for the season. This high degree of success makes the Ducks 1 or bubble screen one of the most potent plays in the air raid arsenal and a play that can be called with confidence anywhere on the football field.