It’s That Time of the Year

Across the land high school football is moving into its last games of the regular season and the beginning playoff games. Very exciting for the fortunate teams who have played well and earned the “second season”.

It’s also the time when “Recruiting” gets heated up as tens of thousands of senior players are looking to their future and hoping to have the chance to play college ball. For many the phones are ringing and calls and emails to high school coaches are creating great excitement.

For many thousands of players who will not play at the FBS level and that is the great majority of college prospects…it’s time to get serious about where they want to play. We have come across some interesting statistics about the number and location of college programs that many thousands of current seniors will be considering.

Did you know that Pennsylvania has the most NCAA football programs? There are 52 NCAA programs in Pennsylvania. This includes 3 FBS, 8 FCS, 16 D-II and 25 D-III programs. Ohio comes in second with a total of 36 programs followed by New York with 32 and North Carolina and Texas with 31 each.

So many great teams and coaches offering the college-bound players the opportunity to continue playing the game they love for a few more years.

Do you know the state that leads in number of programs for each of the four NCAA Divisions and the two states that have only one NCAA program. Can you name them? Send me your thoughts and we will draw a winner from the correct answers for a $10 gift certificate.

All the way!