The majority of plays that we run from the Pistol-Flex will be out of our base formation.  Notice that it is a balanced formation that has the potential to have four receivers out for a pass immediately after the snap.  Though we are a run-oriented offense, this formation could also be used by other teams in a pass-oriented scheme.  Here is a breakdown of the positioning of all players in the formation:

X Receiver: If the ball is spotted in the middle of both hash marks, he will normally be about 12 yards from the offensive tackle to his side; if the ball is spotted on the hash to his side, he will get no closer than 5 yards from the sideline.
Z Receiver: (same as X Receiver).
O-Line:  line splits are 3 feet (want to get wide so that natural running lanes are created).
Quarterback: His feet are exactly 4 yards from the Center’s butt.
B-Back:  He is in a 3-point stance directly behind the QB with his down hand exactly 2 yards behind the QB’s feet.
A-Backs:  Both A-Backs are positioned directly behind the offensive tackles to their side; should be in a two-point stance with feet about 1 yard behind the tackles.
Notes:  Because this formation is balanced, that will force the defense to balance out as well; if they do not balance, we will take advantage of that.  It is the QB’s responsibility to assess the defensive look prior to each play being run.  We tell him that as he gets in position to take the snap, he should scan the defense.  Depending on what he sees, will determine which way (right/left) to run the play call.  He is looking for the following things in this order: i) Numbers: is the defense balanced (5 1/2 and 5 1/2 to each side of Center?); if not, play always goes to the shorthand side; ii)Blocking Angles: which O-linemen have the better blocking advantages?; iii) Personnel: how do our guys match up to theirs?  Look for weak defenders.