Cut Blocking plays a huge role in our offensive blocking schemes.  The B-Back and both A-Backs are taught to be great cut blockers in order to give the ball carrier a chance to take it to the house.  When executed properly and under control, the cut block could be a very devastating block to inflict on your opponent.  Here are some tips on how to cut block as well as one of the better drills to teach your running backs how to cut properly.

a) Teach your players to cut across the opponent’s body….that is, use the “same shoulder/ same knee” philosophy.  Teach them to use their left shoulder to cut the opponent’s left knee and their right shoulder to cut the right knee.  By doing this, it will guarantee that your player always crosses the body of their opponent which is very important.

b) Don’t cut block anyone until your toes nearly touch your opponent’s toes; what this does is ensure that your player is not just randomly diving at the knees of their opponents from a great distance which will in all likelihood, cause them to fail to make full contact which will result in a poor block.

c) ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!  If you fail to do this, then you will only be cut blocking air as your opponent avoids your attempted cut.

d) Aiming point for your shoulder should be about 4 inches above your opponent’s knee.